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SE102 - Social Venture Business Formulation

SE102 - Social Venture Business Formulation

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Develop Your Business Plan And Investor Pitch Deck

Our course contains everything you need to develop your business plan and get yourself ready for creating an investor pitch deck.

Learn On The Go

Build Strength

Build Your Skills

Applied learning across many disciplines: strategy, marketing, financial, business planning, building a team. Work on your own business designed around your talents, passion, values, and purpose. After your Social Venture Internship you will have learned valuable skills that can be implemented on your social venture or within a company as an intrapreneur.

Course Topics Outline

  • Welcome to SE 102 - Social Venture Formulation
    • The Ask
    • Founder's Story / Your WHY
    • Social Problem / Opportunity
    • Social Solution / Prototype
    • Value Proposition (Core Benefits)
    • Value Proposition (4P Impact / Theory of Change)
    • Business Model
    • Target Market / Market Size
    • Marketing & Sales
    • Underlying Magic
    • Competitive Positioning
    • Team
    • Finance
    • Growth / Exit Strategy
    • Financial Projections
    • Presentation Skills
    • Road map to success


    Become A Social Entrepreneur and Learn to Formulate Your Social Venture 

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