SVRI Startup and Scale Phase Checklist



Social Venture Research Institute - Startup and Scale Phase Checklist

Key Benefits

  • Campus: enhanced reputation, new fundraising opportunities, community impact
  • Students: life changing learning experience, increased confidence, three professional certificates, professional reference, new career options


Startup Phase

  1. Social Venture Internship ($1,500 per college student)
  • Social Entrepreneurship Fundamentals Certificate (10-12 hour online course)
  • Social Venture Formulation Certificate (40-100 hours, investor pitch/prototype)
  • Includes five hours of group coaching
  1. Social Venture Experience ($2,495 per adult)
    • Same Certificates as above
    • Includes five hours of 1:1 coaching
    1. Social Venture Boot Camp ($5,000 per student)
      • Host Social Venture Boot Camp (intensive 60-80 hours, plus pre-work)
      • Camp Close-out Report and media generation to drive Scale Phase fundraising
      1. Campus Customization Consulting ($5000 per day plus travel, minimum 5 days)
        • Support Startup Phase and Scale Phase co-fundraising
        • Develop a Social Entrepreneur Ecosystem Map (internal and nearby campus)
        • Develop a customized Scale Phase strategy, launch & fundraising plan
        1. Joint Program Development ($500,000)
          • Co-develop a customized and differentiated Innovation Program
          • Collaborate on the development of a Regional or Network Hub


          Scale Phase ($2M per year for five years)

          • Content: video case studies, course materials, leverage deliverables created collaboratively with other faculty members of the SES Institute
          • Certificates: Small Business Professional Certificate Program, SVI / SVE Program
          • Executive Education Program (for mid-market firms)
          • For-credit courses and curriculum (MBA, Emphasis Area, Minor)
          • Rollout and execution of Regional/Network Hub for social entrepreneurship
          • Faculty certification and annual reflect, faculty endowment
          • Student scholarships and business plan competitions
          • Social Entrepreneurship System development, including Annual Ratings