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Social Venture Internship

Social Venture Internship

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What is the Social Venture Internship (SVI) Program? What are the benefits?

The SVI program is for college students who want to start or improve a social venture or business, or, want to land a meaningful job. It is a comprehensive blended-learning program, combining online and live coaching experiences, enabling you to learn the fundamentals of starting a business tied to your own relevant, socially beneficial project.

Earn two professional certificates AND Earn a Professional Reference from GCSEN. Have fun making new friends, building your own business designed around your talents, passion, values & purpose Innovative applied-learning across many disciplines plus personalized coaching calls.

SVI completion increases your likelihood of landing future paid internships and jobs! Participate in Club THEOS (Together Helping Each Other Succeed) online community, for GCSEN program alumni only

Internship Responsibilities and Duties

  • Successfully complete SE101 12-hour "Principles of Social Entrepreneurship"
  • Successfully complete SE102 "Social Venture Formulation Toolkit"
  • Participate in (5) hours of one-on-one coaching
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