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4P Social Venture Coaching

4P Social Venture Coaching

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Why You’re Here

As a Student, Adult Learner, Faculty Member, or Business Leader,
you’ve come to GCSEN for a life-changing experience because you have real,
immediate needs.

You look to us to respond to your needs.

You say: “Inspire me. Teach me. Support me.”

And we do, with practical academic coursework and personalized coaching.

GCSEN’s 4P Social Venture Coaching

We acknowledge your core hopes and aspirations, making a commitment to hear and support you. We will help you clarify your vision, and then guide your practical first and next steps in making that vision a reality. We will improve your “know-what, know-how, know-who, and know-what-to-do” skills, so you can launch your Social Venture or further develop your business or career portfolio.

Our Experienced Coaches

We help increase your vital self and business knowledge,
your confidence and most importantly, prime you to act. After being coached, 80% of our participants rated GCSEN courses, coaching, and boot camps as life-changing learning experiences. 90% stated they will recommend GCSEN to their friends. 74% of our participants have the intention of operating their own social ventures by 2028. And nearly 60% of our participants, an amazing percentage, are now Formulating, Market Testing, Commercializing or Growing their social ventures, to make meaning, make money and move the world to a better place.

For Newbies to Social Entrepreneurship

At the early stage of your business formulation, two things are essential, so we encourage you to consider engaging one of our start-up Coaches to ensure you are on track.

  • It is critical to initially select a social problem and viable social venture solution that is a real fit with your natural gifts, talents, passion, and purpose.

  • It is equally critical to identify a readily targeted, or niche social problem and a social venture solution that can address the problem. Early-stage entrepreneurs don’t have the resources to fix broad social problems requiring multifaceted solutions. It is OK to have a broad, future vision. But to start, you must “niche”! 

GCSEN’s Coaches can help you do this.

For maturing businesses and institutions looking to enter the social entrepreneurship arena or enhance their existing offerings, our experienced Coaches can help you get from start-up to scale quickly.

Features of GCSEN’s Essential Coaching:

  • You will access vital, practical social venture knowledge, enabling you to act today, not someday.
  • You will be seriously listened to, benefiting from customized coaching from world-class business leaders and faculty with decades of proven, real-world experience.
  • Essential Coaching is one of our differentiators and will enable you to get the most out of your GCSEN experience.
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