Emeritus Endorsements

Emeritus Endorsements
“Mike Caslin is a true pathfinder in entrepreneurship for young people in America. He is one of the truly great social entrepreneurs of our time”
— Dr. Jeffry Timmons, Babson College
“Mike Caslin, a terrific student of mine, a wonderful friend, and true champion of the disadvantaged”
— Professor Ed Ryan, Manhattanville College 
“I first met Mike Caslin when I joined Babson College as Division Chair. He had been an adjunct faculty member teaching social entrepreneurship and I became his direct supervisor and have known him for 6 years. His strengths are personal interaction, communication, sales and marketing, and non-profit/foundation work including NFTE, and knows the landscape of social entrepreneurship very well. He has built connections, knows how to do research, and collect data, and importantly is committed to social mission ventures and non-profits. He has taught graduate and undergraduate courses and I observed his teaching on several occasions and there is no question that he engages students in rich discussion and is an enthusiastic presenter…”— Professor Candy Brush, Babson College
“Mike is an uber-connector and consummate entrepreneur- bringing energy and creativity to using entrepreneurship to help develop wealth and diminish poverty, especially through NFTE – Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, the extremely successful nonprofit he co-founded.” — Melissa Madzel, Koya Partners 
“Mike is the leader of the GCSEN Foundation. I think there is much you will find incredibly valuable and I know that Mike has great programming that could be very helpful.”
- Todd E. Pauley, Esq., Office of Entrepreneurial Development, Director, Faith Based Faith-Based Initiatives, U.S. Small Business Administration
“I think there is value in GCSEN. Social GCSEN preneurship is certainly worth promoting.”
- Jonathan M. Holifield, Executive Director, White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Executive Office of the President, U.S. Department of Education   
“GCSE has been with us every step of the way. It’s been an incredible partnership to grow together, in this innovative arena. Social Entrepreneurship is about the power of linking shared visions and shared missions, and making exponential social impacts."
- Dennis M. Hanno, President, Wheaton College