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Student Endorsements

“I would recommend the GCSEN experience to anybody, really, both in America and Africa. Because I believe we are all part of the world and social entrepreneurship can really make a difference. I come from Rwanda. My social venture will be to make meaning by providing much-needed electricity to families that can't access it or can't afford it in Sub-Saharan Africa. I will make money by selling cheap solar panel kits to families, schools, and hospitals.” —  Rodney Raugamba, Wheaton College

“GCSEN gave me the confidence I needed to think out my idea and turn it into a professional-level pitch deck. The Draper Competition at Smith College was exciting, and my social venture is now ready to be actualized in India this summer. I really believe in my Gurukul Dance Company social venture and now have the tools I need to actualize it. Thank you GCSEN!” — Ms. Gyana Srivastava, Wheaton College (2021) 

 “I feel that individuals are so easily discouraged because the journey to entrepreneurship may seem daunting at first. However, if individuals are passionate about wanting to achieve his/her entrepreneurship desires, the strategy won’t ever see failure as an option. Passion fuels success!" — Tony C, Student, SE 101 Course, SUNY New Paltz

“GCSEN was the catalyst that gave me the confidence to move into the world of social entrepreneurship. I’m now working for Wheaton College in our WiN Hub Social Entrepreneurship office where I can help others. Fantastic!” —  Khadeedja Muheto, Wheaton College (2018) 

“I really like the idea of making meaning and money in social entrepreneurship. People find problems every day and it would be exciting to turn those problems into profit. By benefiting someone else you can benefit yourself by becoming a social entrepreneur. The idea behind social entrepreneurship is amazing to me because you have an idea and it can grow into a sustainable full business.” — Gabriella H, Student, SE 101 Course, SUNY New Paltz

 “I make meaning by changing the way we think about biotechnology. I make money by selling courses and giving speeches to students about how they can work in biotech. My confidence to launch a social enterprise has gone from zero to about 85 taking this course. GCSEN definitely gave me the backbone to understand more about business. Over the past semester, I was able to see how this enterprise will fit into my life. I would definitely recommend this experience to other students all around the world.” — Julia Doo, Wheaton College

“This course has given me a great perspective on myself and the business world. I am inspired to commit my life to doing something I love, that helps the planet, and also makes money. Before entering this class, I always knew a that a 9-5 job wasn't enough for me to be satisfied. What I didn't know, was that achieving a different lifestyle is very possible, if you commit yourself to it. This summer, I plan to brainstorm and organize my thoughts regarding my social venture idea.” — Emma T, Student, SE 101 Course, SUNY New Paltz

 “I make meaning by providing a social app that helps college students get out of their social bubbles, meet new people, and overall improve their social skills on their college campuses. I make money by providing this service to colleges, on a subscription-based platform. At the beginning of the semester, I was probably an 80 in confidence. Now I could be, maybe, around 85, 90, 95. For myself, I know this is what I want to do. I'm not going to stop at anything. So, I would definitely recommend this program to other students that are interested in social entrepreneurship or just trying to get their ideas to become something. Thanks, GCSEN!”  — Nate Chretien-Mansur, Wheaton College

“First of all, I must say that the class showed me how I can develop my business strategy over time. In the finance chapter classes and coaching, I learned that generating cash and having positive cash flow are the key factors for success. For me, the most important lesson I got from this class is to try again, no matter how many times I’ve failed. Both from the GCSEN chapters and classes, I see that successful people are the ones who did not give up when they failed.” — SE 101 Course student at SUNY New Paltz

“I make meaning by ensuring that a plant-based diet is affordable and accessible to everybody, despite their socio-economic status. I make money by running a plant-based café that will support my organic gardens. My confidence as an entrepreneur since the GCSEN experience has definitely grown tremendously. GCSEN really gave me the foundation, and they really taught me about business in a way I've never learned business before. Since then, I am very confident to say that I am an entrepreneur. I would definitely recommend this experience to other students, because, from my experience, seeing where I've grown as an entrepreneur, I just want that for everybody, and I know that GCSEN can instill that into everybody. So, yeah, so, even if you're just slightly interested in business, and you just want to learn more about it, GCSEN is the perfect opportunity for you to do that.” — Zara Salmon, Wheaton College

“Hello Professor, I just wanted to write to you to express how much I appreciate your course this past semester. Each lesson was so informative and I learned so much more than I could have expected from a single course. Many of the handouts and notes I took from your lectures have kept for future reference. Your passion and enthusiasm for the material were like nothing I have ever seen from any professor in the past. The fact that you truly believed in all your students so much and saw such bright futures for everyone was incredible. It taught me that anything is possible as long as you carry a positive and hopeful attitude. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you have truly inspired me! I’m not exactly sure what business path I am headed down yet, but I will definitely keep my entrepreneurial spirit alive, thanks to you."  — Ally G.

“Just want to say thanks again for a great class last semester, it was one of the best I’ve taken.”— Chris A

  “I had the pleasure of taking Professor Caslin’s Entrepreneurship class as part of my MBA program. His passion for Social Entrepreneurship, as well as the success of his students is unrivaled. He is both an inspirational leader and a pragmatic businessman. As such he is able to guide his students in developing their business concept from concept to fruition. Professor Caslin was instrumental in encouraging me to pursue my business. He remained in touch long after class was over to make sure I stayed true to my dream and provided me with business contacts and tools to help me along. I wholeheartedly recommend taking his classes if you have the opportunity!"— Yana

 “Hi Professor, I just want to thank you once again for an amazing semester. I do hope that in the future you will continue to teach this course. My return on investment from this course is invaluable. It has been one of the few courses that I feel will make a difference in my life. I truly believe that entrepreneurship is the future. Best of luck and I will keep in touch.”— Yu P.

“Hi Professor, I would like to thank you for allowing me to submit my resume and business card a day past due. I would also like to say thank you for introducing me to Luigi Andrade, he gave me some good advice and overall seemed like a very good person. I understand you wanted a few sentences on my decision not to drop out. Overall it was a period of time where bills were piling up, my father was running his business alone without anybody’s help, my brother was studying for the bar exam (leaving him with no time to help my father) and my mother was working five jobs. And to top it off, I was a junior who was a Real Estate Development Major who did not see himself working for a Real Estate firm after graduation and had no clue what I wanted to do in life. So that Monday I skipped my first class of the day and made an appointment at the Star Career Development Center (which I ended up not going to). I then went to the library and started finding articles about life, and how to pick a career that makes you happy. I was lost in my own thoughts and decided I was to drop out by the end of the week. I told nobody, only my girlfriend knew, and the first thing she told me was “So we aren’t going to graduate together?” I immediately hung up on her and realized how important it is to know how to stand alone sometimes. I skipped four out of my five classes and spent the day reading random articles, daydreaming, and jotting down random ideas. It's a bit funny because your class is my fifth class of the day, and that was the only class I went to. I remember thinking during that class while you were playing Eminem's track “Lose Yourself”, “God sure has a funny way of timing things”. So I stuck it out, hit the books, made sure all my work was up to date, and started taking advantage of all 24 hours in the day. I now work for a restaurant in my neighborhood two days a week, go to school two days a week, five classes a day, hit the gym five times a week, and work for my father three days a week. I recently switched my major to Entrepreneurship, and I am extremely focused. I want to thank you for not only being a great professor but a great person. Your course helped me remember how strong and wise I am. Thank you."– Anastasios X.

“Hello Michael, You might remember me from college. You and I worked together when I was an undergraduate between 2007 and 2011. You were engaged with the social impact community at the time and you were one of the first people to introduce me to NFTE and the world of social entrepreneurship. Well, it has been some time since then. I have worked for a little under 4 years since graduation with the team at Innosight Consulting in Lexington, MA. Founded by Clayton Christensen, my colleagues and I put Prof. Christensen’s theories of innovation to practice, building capabilities and ventures for clients to help them achieve top-line growth.” –Nick P. Innosight LLC

 “It was awesome having you as an instructor for our class! Hope you keep on having an illustrious career and also keep on inspiring young entrepreneurs.”— Cheers, Tasawar Z

 “Dear Prof. Caslin, It’s always nice to hear from you. I feel like God has been so kind to me for bringing me to know you. I want you to know that I really admire you for your good heart and a lot of great things you have done for others. May your family always be blessed!”— Sothea V. 

“Hey, Professor Caslin. I hope you’ve been well. Thanks for reaching out and letting me know about the E-Herd, it sounds like a great platform for idea discussions and I hopefully look to take part in it. I was fortunate enough to have you as a teacher for both Social Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Experiences and learned a great deal, a lot which I’m implementing now on the ideas that Im working on. That said, you were also very accommodating during my hiatus from Social Entrepreneurship when I was away tending to my mother during her last days, an event that really pushed me to the medical path. Thus for that I wanted to Thank You once again. I appreciate all your help and all that you’ve already done for me.”— Regards, Syed H

“Thank you so much for the recommendation professor! I hope you are doing good! I found a full time job in one privately held company here in NYC. I like it here a lot. I am doing recruitment and I enjoy it. However, on the side I am still pursuing my photography services! I have couple of projects scheduled by the end of this year! I am really grate all the information, knowledge and your experiences that you shared with us! You really inspired us to follow our dreams and never give up! Thank you!”— Marianna Y.

“First and foremost I want to thank you for such a rewarding educational and personal development experience in your Management 3960 class. I’ve honestly never learned as much and enjoyed a class in Baruch, as I had in your class. I would love to schedule a lunch one day at one of my restaurants you available so we can catch up. I hope to heatosoon. Thank you.”— Dimitri K. , NAI Global New York City

 “I really enjoyed your class last semester and wanted to let you know you’re one of the best teachers I’ve had. It felt good to experience the entrepreneur side of me.”—Connor A.

“ I really enjoyed your class and think you are an amazing professor! ”—Kate P

“ I learned a lot from you during class and really value your insight and opinion.”—Andrew C

 “I really love your teaching method and I feel like I learned so much in your class. I see that you are teaching a Global Business Management class for the fall semester. I am interested in taking the business class you are teaching fall 2016. ”—Sabrina M.

 “I am writing to you today because from our first class lesson, I have always seen you as more than a teacher, I have seen you as a mentor and someone who genuinely cares for their students and their futures. This is something that is rare to find in teachers nowadays. I am writing in order to ask for your opinion or your advice on a major life choice that I have to make in the upcoming weeks. I would highly appreciate and value your opinion on what you think I should do.”—Evan E.

“I really enjoyed this semester in your business class, in the first few weeks the business project assignment made me very nervous and I thought this class was going to be horrible, but now I can say your class has been one of the more influential I’ve taken. Thanks for being a great professor.”—Tavish W

 “I would love to stay in touch and send my resume to you this coming fall if possible. I enjoyed your presentation and feel that I have a lot to learn from you! It was all such an inspiration. ”—Jessica C





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