Welcome to GCSEN, the Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship Network

A social entrepreneur is an entrepreneur who acts with purpose to create a 4P Impact – People, Planet, Profit, Place.


To enable people to create meaningful change in their lives and their careers. We do this by inspiring, teaching and supporting social venture founders and their teams. We help them to discover and leverage their passion and purpose, resulting in enduring impact that moves the world to a better place.

GCSEN's 10 Year Vision

To reach 100 Million people through media outreach and thought leadership, certify 100,000 Social Entrepreneurs, and help launch/support 10,000 4P Social Enterprises positively impacting people, profit, planet and place.

Founded and led by Fulbright scholar Mike Caslin, GCSEN reaches college and graduate students, as well as other adults seeking a new start, such as veterans and returning citizens.

How I Can Get Involved 

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