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Get To Wow! Ebook  $5.99

4P Entrepreneurship Class/Dorm Poster Set  $9.95

Social Venture ToolKit  $49.95

Case Studies - Robert Owen  $12.95

Case Studies - Georgia Beattie  $12.95




Get to Wow! Print Book with shipping $31.95 includes complimentary eCourse

Get To Wow! Kindle eBook from Amazon


Online Courses: Price per student

SE 101 - Principles of Social Entrepreneurship     $490 (1-50 students per class)

SE 102 - Social Venture Formation $490 (1-50 students per class)

SE 103 - Pitch Perfect- Personal and Business Communication Power $599

SE 104 - Social Venture Ecosystem

SE 105 - Social Venture Finance and Business Math


    Zoom Fireside Chat/Workshop

    "Explore Your Social Entrepreneur Within"
    • $200 per student
      •     Minimum 20 students
    • 2 hr workshop designed to help students begin to explore their social entrepreneurs within

          Social Venture BootCamp

          $5,000 per student (high school, undergraduate, graduate, or adult learner)

          • Available to groups of 20 or more
          • Email us for more information or to set up a BootCamp


            for High School and College Students:

              Social Venture Internship $1,500

              • SE 101
              • SE 102
              • 5 Hours of Zoom Group Coaching with SE
              • Linkedin Badge Certification
              • Graduate School Letter of Recommendation*
              • Professional Career Reference*
              • Group discount for 10 students or above 

              *As needed based upon successful completion of GCSEN Certification requirements.


              Coaching for Adult Learners:

              Social Venture Experience

              $2,495 per student (up to 50 students per cohort)

              • SE 101 + SE 102 + SE 103 + 5 Hours of INDIVIDUALIZED Coaching
              • SE LinkedIn Badge Certification
              • Graduate School Letter of Recommendation*
              • Professional Career Reference*
              • Eligibility to apply to GCSEN Evergreen Accelerator with up to $160K funding per venture selected*

              Certified Social Venture - Teams of three + 5 hours of coaching  $10,000 

              Certified GCSEN 4P Social Venture Coaching/Design Program $4,000/day

              To sign up for any of these programs, please email us.


              Faculty & Administration:

              GCSEN Social Venture Research Institute Fellowship  $5,000 per faculty member.

              SVRI Fellows Receive:

              • Professional Development Certificate
              • One year of access to GCSEN
              • Community of practice for students
              • Training and Certification
              • Minimum required faculty (20) 

              $100,000 (2.5 content days with yearlong community support)

              *As needed based upon successful completion of GCSEN Certification requirements.



              Coming soon!

              Our Veteran's Playbook Offerings:

              • The Perfect-Fit Life
              • The Perfect-Fit Career
              • The Perfect-Fit Venture


              These are three synergistic linked programs offered by GCSEN to serve the needs of active-duty veterans and military families through our new National Center for Veteran Ventures.  These programs will benefit from visibility through Discovery Network’s Destination America prime time show, Veteran’s Playbook, featuring veteran businesses, visible in 300 million households.


              Perfect-Fit Life

              Perfect-Fit Career

              Perfect-Fit Venture


              The Perfect-Fit Life will equip learners with the right mindset for a new start in life. The Perfect-Fit Career program will meet the needs of veterans who aren’t interested or able to start a new venture as they re-enter the workforce after active duty, or change careers once they are out of the service. This program will help the participants to discover their uniqueness, design a career around their unique talent, passion, purpose, and values, and then execute a plan to make it a reality. This also helps align each student to their future venture if desired.


              The Perfect-Fit Venture is based on GCSEN’s multi-year research-proven program model. We will extend this program significantly through phases of support over several years, to increase the odds of success of the venture. These phases and program modules are outlined below.


              I. Discover Phase

              • Think Like an Entrepreneurial Leader

              • Discover Your Powerful Uniqueness

              • Identify Your Why? Your vision and mission.

              - ID Targeted Social Problem & Solution

              • Perfect- Fit Life and Career


              II. Pre-Launch Phase

              • Perfect-Fit Venture, Get Pitch Ready

              and MVP Demo Ready


              III. Launch Phase

              • Launch your Perfect-Fit Venture


              IV. Post-Launch Phase

              • Achieve Sustainable Operations

              • Realize Your Vision

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