GCSEN’S Social Venture Research Institute (SVRI)

The Social Venture Research Institute (SVRI) brings together administrators, faculty and business leaders who seek to create greater peace and prosperity in local, regional, national and global economies via Social Entrepreneurship education. We support this by accelerating our campus and business partners's abilities to go from “concept to startup to scale” with our academically driven Social Entrepreneurship bootcamps, course offerings, toolkit, research and publication opportunities.

The Social Venture Research (SVRI) Certification

GCSEN has created the SVRI Certification as a credential for completing our intensive "prac-ademic" program for those professionals seeking to accelerate "4P" Social Entrepreneurship: People, Planet, Profit and Place in their work places. We do this via innovative programming, coaching and learning technologies, paired with lifetime support across our ever-growing global network of alumni and human resources.

In the SVRI Experience, professionals:

  • Collaborate with fellow educators, administrators and business leaders on developing and implementing best Social Entrepreneurship practices, appropriate for their workplaces
  • Create more meaningful career paths for students, adult learners and colleagues
  • Inspire a culture of collaborative capitalism over time
  • Are empowered, supported and best prepared to educate and inspire the next generation of Social Entrepreneurs, a new and powerful force for social innovation and economic growth, driving "4P" Impacts for People, Profit, Planet and Place.

SVRI Enrollees gain access to the GCSEN Business Formulation Toolkit, Social
Entrepreneurship online courses, GCSEN web resources, as well as access to our consulting services. They share a growing set of best practices for use in the classroom, their workplace and beyond.

SVRI is at the cutting edge of Social Entrepreneurship in institutional, agency and
business action, research and thought leadership. Join a new collaborative community of thinkers and doers seeking to scale "4P" Social Entrepreneurship ventures.

  • Build your mastermind network
  • Primary research and academic publishing opportunities available
  • Gain the "prac-ademic" tools, strategies, and support you need to advance social entrepreneurship education in your institution or workplace.  Participate in SVRI Practicum Experiences, sharing best practices and ongoing collaboration
  • Develop Knowledge & Confidence Gains for your constituent cohorts
  • Develop Life Changing Learning Experience Change in Thinking / Behavior /
    Career Acceleration for your constituent cohorts
  • Increased Business Formulation Rates for your constituent cohorts