Inspire Me

GCSEN's first foray into the world of Veteran entrepreneurs is its television show, Veteran's Playbook.

Veteran’s Playbook is a show with a purpose – to inspire active military and veterans to consider business ownership as a viable path to success and fulfillment. 

Each episode tells the compelling story of a U.S. veteran entrepreneur and their unique life, career, and venture “Playbooks”. Each story is a journey into their military experience, transition to civilian life and entrepreneurship, and showcases the destination communities where they live, work, and make an impact. 

Season One aired on Discovery Network's Destination America channel and is also available to watch on our website, Veteransplaybook.com.


National Center for Veteran Ventures (NCVV)

These are three synergistic linked programs offered by GCSEN to serve the needs of active-duty veterans and military families through our new National Center for Veteran Ventures. These programs will benefit from visibility through Discovery Network’s Destination America prime time show, Veteran’s Playbook, featuring veteran businesses, visible in 300 million households. 

• Perfect-Fit Life 

• Perfect-Fit Career 

• Perfect-Fit Venture 

The Perfect-Fit Life will equip learners with the right mindset for a new start in life. The Perfect-Fit Career program will meet the needs of veterans who aren’t interested or able to start a new venture as they re-enter the workforce after active duty, or change careers once they are out of the service. This program will help the participants to discover their uniqueness, design a career around their unique talent, passion, purpose, and values, and then execute a plan to make it a reality. This also helps align each student to their future venture if desired. 

The Perfect-Fit Venture is based on GCSEN’s multi-year research-proven program model. We will extend this program significantly through phases of support over several years, to increase the odds of success of the venture.