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SE101 - Social Entrepreneurship Fundamentals

SE101 - Social Entrepreneurship Fundamentals

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Develop Your Social Entrepreneurship Mindset And Skillsets

Develop Your Social Entrepreneurship Mindset And Skillsets with our online, self-paced course that you can complete in 10-12 hours.

-Earn a GCSEN Social Entrepreneurship Fundamentals Certificate
-Learn critical concepts that can help you succeed as a social entrepreneur.

  • Work at your own pace. Learn what it takes to become a social entrepreneur taking you from idea to startup.
  • Clear action items set you up for success, teaching you how to acquire the right skills, leverage your current network, and build an impactful venture.
  • Gain exclusive access to a LinkedIn community to discuss coursework and trade ideas with your fellow classmates.
  • Office hours with GCSEN founder Mike Caslin give you the opportunity to ask questions and get advice.


Certification & Competition

Business Code


Earn the Social Entrepreneur Mindset and Skillset Certification upon successful completion! Learn the business "code" and begin to develop your business skills by learning how to communicate your ideas more effectively. Learn what it will take to develop your business concept from an idea to a viable business that makes a social impact.

Course Outline

  • Let's Get Started: Welcome to the SE 101 course!
  • Frameworks to Flywheel
  • Key Concepts Overview
  • The Millennial Driven Economy
  • Entrepreneurship Concepts
  • Social Entrepreneurship Concepts
  • Innovation Concepts
  • Social Innovation Concepts
  • Discover Your Uniqueness
  • Social Problemology
  • Hedgehog Concept
  • Golden Circle
  • Social Solution
  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Startup Ecosystems
  • Team
  • Planning


Start your Social Entrepreneur journey – learn the fundamentals with the SE101 course, receive the GCSEN Social Entrepreneur Certification, and gain entry into the Concept Pitch Competition!
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