Winslow Robinson's Bio

Winslow Robinson

Junior Consultant- Curriculum

Winslow Robinson is an aspiring entrepreneur who aims to change the world through the combined power of theatre and therapy. 

Winslow Robinson was first introduced to social entrepreneurship when he skipped class (with the professor's permission) to meet Mike Caslin, where his life changed forever. Since that first meeting Winslow has developed his own social venture called Achilles Heal, a suicide prevention program that combines his own personal experience and modern therapy techniques, as well as Ancient Greek/roman and Shakespearean to combat the rising suicide rates in the USA. Winslow is a 2019 Wheaton SE Launch Bootcamp graduate as well as a 2020 graduate from Wheaton College, and recently moved to Kingston so that he could work more closely with GCSEN and develop Achilles Heal farther. He is extremely excited to be working with GCSEN and looks forward to growing with and learning from them.

He has worked in a variety of places, ranging from summer camps, to kitchens (in both front and back of house), to warehouses while somehow finding time to create theatre and short films. During his time at Wheaton, Winslow was in four MainStage plays, started/revived a club called Cafè Theatre, and directed/co-directed, A Midsummer Nights Dream, and Lysistrata, and received the Theatre and Dance studies Excellence in Acting award in 2020 from Wheaton College.