Shawn Smith's Bio

Shawn A. Smith

Shawn Smith is a Social Entrepreneur who has decided to relocate to the U.S. Virgin Islands to pursue his lifelong goals.  He currently owns a local retail business on the Island of St. Croix where he and his wife are responsible for its operation.  Additionally, He is the “Managing Member” of TOTA Investment Inc, a company established for real estate investment, primarily ‘fix & flips and cash flow properties.  This company is being revamped to include a teaching and mentoring component as well as the expansion into to other areas of real estate.  TOTA Investment Inc was established in 2018 and currently manages projects valued at or above five million dollars per year.  T.O.T.A. stand for Teach Others To Attain.

Additionally, Shawn has recently joined GCSEN as a Senior Consultant/Co-Founder of GCSEN Caribbe Advisory Board where he works closely with CEO Mike Caslin, currently engaging local entities such as the University of the Virgin Islands Centers for Excellence in Leadership and learning (UVI-Cell) and VI Career and Technical Education Board.  Shawn will be assuming more responsibilities as GCSEN Global Channel Partner Coordinator to assist in the worldwide expansion of GCSEN.

Prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur, Shawn worked in the ‘Oil and Gas’ industry primarily refining for 20 years.  He worked for three Oil majors and one specialty chemical company; all were fortune 500 companies.  During this tenure, he held positions with increasing responsibilities from individual contributor (process/project engineer) to Business Development Coordinator, to Technical/Sales Manager.  Some of the products under his management ranges from byproducts such a sulfur, coke, fuel gas to finished products i.e., LPG, all grades of gasoline, aviation fuel, bunker fuel, and intermediate products that went into the food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc.…Petroleum touches about every industry.

Lastly, Shawn is working on his own “Success”/self-development program which he believes has synergistic values for both GCSEN and the program itself.  The motto for this program is: “Our Highest happiness is found in the bestowal of benefits on those we love.”  By Wallace D. Wattles.