Sharon Wasko's Bio

Sharon Wasko is GCSEN's Director of IMCSSD- Integrated Marketing, Communication, Sales, Sponsorship, and Design. She has been with GCSEN since 2018 when she began work as the graphic designer on our book, Get to WOW! Exploring Your Inner Social Entrepreneur, shortly after finishing her classes in the SUNY Ulster Graphic Design Program.

Graphic design is a new career for Sharon, a mom of two who moved to Rosendale from Philadelphia, PA with her partner Mike Erwin, a social worker, in 2013. In Philly, she ran a pet-sitting business, her first entrepreneurial venture. 

Since Get to Wow!, Sharon has designed many impactful and beautiful pieces of print media for GCSEN, as well as taking on many other tasks in the areas of sales, sponsorship, marketing, and more.