3 Simple Signs it's Time to Launch a Business and then Ditch the Corporate Career.

Find Fulfillment, Without Giving Up Money or Security.

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Achieving career success but still not fulfilled?

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• Learn a surprising, but critical first step in launching a business.
• Discover three key strategies for finding fulfillment, without giving up money or security.
• Be inspired by stories of those who started a business on the side, then ditched their corporate career.

“I tapped into a childhood passion for organic gardening. I combined that with my lifelong passion as an environmentalist. And I launched my own social venture - making compost.

I worked as a City Planner for over 30 years but wanted something more. No more tedious city board meetings. No more writing reports that never got implemented. I wanted to do something more physical and active. 

I didn’t have the business skills required to be successful in my new venture. Mike has been an invaluable coach, especially when I was ready to make this my full-time career.”

-Eileen Banyra, Founder and CEO, CommunityCompostCo.com

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“Mike has been an amazing coach and Tony has been an advocate for me since I met him. 

I was one of the first clients of the Social Venture Launch program. It helped me to develop a more coherent and compelling strategy for my business.

I grew up working in my father's print shop on Long Island. It has been a long road from the family business to my own social venture. But printing is still in my blood. I now publish Livelihood Magazine. And I actually print money, a local currency called the Hudson Valley Current.”

-Chris Hewitt, Founder and CEO, HudsonValleyCurrent.org 

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  • Mike Caslin

    Hi, I’m Mike Caslin. In my early years, I had many different jobs as a traditional employee. My family expected me to become a union worker in New York City: a police officer, firefighter, or laborer. I broke from family tradition by being the first in my family to go to college. But traditional employment was not meant to be my path. 

    I first learned about entrepreneurship shortly after college. I read The Spirit of Enterprise (1986), by George Gilder. And I’ve been an entrepreneur ever since. I was one of the first social entrepreneurs in the US. In 1988, I co-founded the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE). We taught high school students how to start a business to escape poverty. I led NFTE as CEO for 20 years. 

    I’ve been helping people become entrepreneurs my whole life. And now, as Founder and CEO of GCSEN Foundation, I’m living my passion and purpose. I love helping people become social entrepreneurs.

    See Mike's LinkedIn Profile and GCSEN bio for more details.

  • Tony DiMarco

    Hi, I’m Tony DiMarco. After 20 years at IBM, I made the transition from a corporate employee to an entrepreneur. 

    For many years I had the itch to run my own business. I finally made the leap and started my own business. Entrepreneurship has been the theme of my career for the past 20 years. In 2016, I became a social entrepreneur when I joined GCSEN Foundation in its early days. 

    I’m passionate about helping people escape their corporate careers. I love coaching people by helping them design a business around their uniqueness.

    See Tony’s LinkedIn Profile and GCSEN bio for more details.