Eileen Banyra, Community Compost Company

I started Community Compost Company in the fall of 2013 and really got going in earnest in the spring of 2014. By the time I attended classes with Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship Network (GCSEN), I had two states roll-ing, and a diversified business model that was basically three businesses; I was feeling a little bit out of control. I came into GCSEN’s Social Venture program and just felt that immediately I had support and grounding. So in a very hectic and very wild time, GCSEN was definitely a stabilizing force for me and here I am today!

I came from the mindset of a social entrepreneur. I’m an environmental land use planner, and I have always wanted to do good by People and Planet, so coming into this Social

Venture program to me was natural and an easy segue. The program actually refined my feelings about entrepreneurship. It really broadened my skill-set and really developed me more into understanding how I could use business in a positive way and develop that business to support my other goals with a very supportive environment.

I was doing Community Compost as a part-time business, so for me to come in full time on it was scary financially and also risky. But I also knew that if I was interested in developing this business, I had to either jump all in, or get out. That’s really what I did—I decided to jump in. Just in the fall of last year things started to click! Eileen Banyra, Community Compost Company. 

To learn more or to sign up, visit communitycompostco.com or email info@communitycompostco.com.

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