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Looking back on Tony DiMarco's time at SUNY New Paltz




On April 27, 2022, SUNY New Paltz held its first annual Entrepreneurship Expo (E2): a maker's showcase of HV Mentors participants and the SUNY New Paltz student Business Plan Contest Teams, sponsored by FUZEHUb and the Hudson Valley Startup Fund. GCSEN's Managing Director Tony DiMarco was presented with the Catalyst Award at this inaugural event.

The award was a well-earned acknowledgement of Tony's hard work and contributions to SUNY New Paltz, where he founded the Hudson Valley Venture Hub and has been Venture Hub Entrepreneur-in-Residence for several years. Tony is now stepping down from his role to focus energy on other projects. 

According to Kristin Backhaus, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Business, "Tony has made, and continues to make, a remarkable impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Hudson Valley...This vision has led to significant outcomes that include the Venture Hub, Hudson Valley Mentors, networking events, the annual Venture Fest Oktoberfest, the Educator’s Forums, our book club, and another program that is soon to be launched. Tony brought a motto to each event, 'helping each other succeed' that has enabled us to create programs that enhance other programs and leverage mutual resources."

Tony will continue his involvement with the Venture Hub as a member of a new Advisory Board.  His projects are in good hands with Eliza Edge, who has been HV Mentors Program Manager for 18 months, and has taken on the role of Entrepreneur-in-Residence in addition to her other work. 

GCSEN and SUNY New Paltz School of Management continue a close working relationship that began in 2018 with both Professors Caslin and DiMarco instructing students in various GCSEN content courses.  GCSEN is also a regular annual sponsor of the HV Venture Hub,  and the SUNY New Paltz Entrepreneurship and Business Plan course built on GCSEN Social Venture Launch curriculum. This past April, SUNY New Paltz students took home 6 of the top 8 awards at the Mid-Hudson Regional Business Plan Competition, featuring student entrepreneurs competing from colleges across the Hudson Valley.


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