Roger Ream and Mike Caslin with microphones

Mike Caslin on the Liberty & Leadership Podcast!

Mike Caslin recently had a fascinating and inspiring in-depth discussion on the Liberty + Leadership Podcast, hosted by The Fund for American Studies President Roger Ream.

Mike is a graduate of the 1978 TFAS Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems fellowship program at Georgetown University. 44 years later, In the July 27, 2022 episode, Roger and Mike discuss the real-world results of social entrepreneurship and Mike’s journey to promoting liberty and prosperity for all and the life-changing learning and profoundly influential mentors- Dr. Walter Judd,MOC, Jack Kemp, MOC, David Jones and Drs. Lev Dobriansky and George Viksnins- all who influenced his personal career choices and steps towards courageous service leadership. 

Listen here: Mike Caslin with Roger Ream on the Liberty + Leadership Podcast

Roger Ream and Mike Caslin with microphones


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