Meet the Meaning Maker: Smith Wiltshire

Meet the Meaning Maker: Smith Wiltshire

Meet our UVI-CELL/GCSEN CARIBBE Campus Partner Program graduate, Smith Wiltshire, President, Smit T’s Barber and Beauty Parlor and Spa, LLC. 

Mike Caslin and Smith Wiltshire

Above: Mike Caslin and Smith Wiltshire in front of Smit T’s Barber and Beauty Parlor and Spa, LLC

Smith Wiltshire is one of the first University of the Virgin Islands (HBCU) - Center for Excellence in Learning and Leadership/GCSEN Caribbe graduates from GCSEN globally accredited SE101- Principles of Social Entrepreneurship and has continued on to GCSEN SE102- Social Venture Formation during the Spring Semester 2023. This program was funded by the US Congress via the US Department of Commerce, EDA Campus Initiative.

A resident of St. Thomas, Smith Wiltshire has been involved in the Civilian Air Patrol assisting with Hurricane relief while operating a successful business for many years as a premier experience barber for islander and cruise ship tourists. Smith is now reaching out to air passengers and he has recently added Pre-Flight Massage Chairs under license at the Cyril E. King Airport waiting area.

massage chairs and banner

crowded airport waiting area with massage chairs
Above:  ZONE OUT MASSAGE Chairs, Cyril E. King Airport, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands 

Smith is now mastering the art of business finance for his own business thru “SFG”- Self Financed Growth Financing growing thru net profit earnings instead of solely High Interest Rate Loa Debt or Dilutive Equity. He also displayed profit improvement and cost containment acumen  during Covid, as he began saving money on typical retail rental space and tested out creating a Salon in the St. Thomas, USVI Prime Storage rental facility! Who knew a salon could be created inside?! Smith did!  

“The haircut I received at Smith Wiltshire’s Barber Salon was world class.  Wilt supplies a welcoming atmosphere with men’s haircuts, classic straight razor shave, hot towel and facial cleanse! Why not save money and get a world class hair cut experience in a world class location with Smith Wiltshire!  And wait until you buy his after shave lotion- a magic island elixir that can transport you back to the Caribbe Sea Breezes with just one after shave splash! All experiences- haircut, after shave and massage chairs are truly Tropical Treasures!” -Mike Caslin, Professor Cas, GCSEN Foundation 

Due to the monthly demands of more than 100 clients, Smith didn’t think he could afford the time to take GCSEN’s classes and participate in its world-class venture coaching sessions, but he’s very glad he did.   “I was first approached by a member of UVI-CELL to join the program, and at that time I felt there was too much on my plate.  However, I was encouraged by another student. So I reluctantly took the GCSEN Entrance Assessment Test, hoping to fail it - which I did. But I was gripped by the information I came across. After seeing this and learning more, I retook the test and got a 95! And here I am now - a UVI-CELL/GCSEN 4P Certified Social Entrepreneur and I am so proud and thankful. I’ve learned how my business can be a Social Venture that has positive impacts for People, Profit, Planet and Place!  Many of my clients who have heard this great news now want to sign up for UVI-CELL/GCSEN in the future!”  Smith became so engaged that he was the first student in his learner cohort to complete the entire GCSEN online class requirements! Overall, it certainly sparked an enthusiasm in me for growing my business and my family and community will benefit immensely.”


prime storage entrance

When starting a venture, Smith says it’s very important to “see yourself as a Meaning Maker who can make meaning in their life thru their business and make money and move the world to a better place by pursuing your “Why?”

Above: Smith relaxes in one of his massage chairs while talking with Liza Margolis of UVI-CELL

“The knowledge I received from GCSEN is priceless. Understanding and embracing concepts such as: problemology, ideation, the 4P's and more” are just some of the benefits that Mr. Wiltshire sees from his relationship with GCSEN.  Photos above- Smith Wiltshire and GCSEN Founder/President, Mike Caslin.  Smith Wiltshire with UVI-CELL Program Coordinator, Liza Margolis. 

smith wiltshire in barbershop in massage chair
Above: Smith enjoys one of his massage chairs.

What’s next for Smith Wiltshire?

”As a barber, there are two ventures I am working on. 1). Placing stickers with a “QR code” to all Cruise Ship booklets that allows for instant haircut bookings on my website serving all of St. Thomas Tourist Venues.  2). Sending out a visual Barber Salon Experience virtually in the form of an online pop-ups for booking/ticketing travel agencies for any men planning to travel to the Island who want a break from the sun and shopping.”  If you find yourself on St. Thomas and needing a haircut, visit Smit T’s Barbershop for more information! Or find him on Facebook. And when you’re at the St. Thomas airport, take a minute to relax on Smith’s “Zone Out Massage” chairs!

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