Meet GCSEN Caribe Graduate Monifa Potter!

Meet GCSEN Caribe Graduate Monifa Potter!

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One of GCSEN’s 2022 Virgin Islands graduates is Monifa Potter, a mother, sister, and dedicated businesswoman who runs Paradise Bites, a mini-donut company. (You can see some of her delicious foods below!) Monifa is inspired and motivated by the smiles and joy of children and families when they eat her treats.

Monifa runs this sweet business, as well as having a full-time job as the registrar of the University of the Virgin Islands, and is pursuing a PhD in Creative Leadership Innovation and Change with a focus on Organizational Development! All this on top of raising two children! 


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Running a small business in the Virgin Islands isn’t always easy. “I have faced financial hurdles because living in the US Virgin Islands it is hard to get business loans. I also struggle because of the physical location of the business. It is not located in an area with much foot or car traffic.” But one day, she sees her business expanding: “I see myself with multiple coffee and donut shops across the islands.” Monifa is looking at additional ways to promote her business and expand it by selling coffee. “Selling a unique coffee will not only increase income for the Business but will create that space to make people happy.”

Monifa is extremely proud of having completed GCSEN’s SE 101 Course. “I am so glad I went through with it and learned so much to create wealth and happiness. I am much happier and they taught me how to run a successful business and create other opportunities for me and my business. GCSEN made me open my eyes to see where I was going wrong with my business and how some of the decisions I made were not the best business practices. I have now changed the way I look at my business.” We at GCSEN are proud of her too, as fitting in the class on top of all her other commitments truly shows her dedication to her small business.

Here is Monifa’s advice for anyone starting a venture: 

One thing to know: Do not let anyone discourage you from your goals.

One thing to do: Stay focused!! 


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You can follow Paradise Bites on Facebook here: paradisebitesvi

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