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Meet GCSEN Rising Star: Trisha James

GCSEN Meaning Maker and GCSEN CARIBBE Rising Star: Trisha James

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Above: Dr. Suzanne Magras, Director, Center for Excellence in Leadership and Learning, University of the Virgin Islands (HBCU)

Trisha James is one of our UVI-CELL/GCSEN Campus Partnership Program  graduates, living in “the beautiful St. Thomas USVI.” It’s amazing that she has any time to participate in our GCSEN programs, as she is currently running three different medical industry businesses- medical records, medical transportation and medical supplies and equipment!  They are: Med Cred Plus, a St.Thomas, Virgin Islands-paperwork services that includes Medicare/Medicaid, System for Award Management (SAM) registration, advertising, bookkeeping, data entry, documentation management, medical license/malpractice insurance, translation, scanning, shredding and other related services. Trisha was inspired to establish the business from her 22 years working in healthcare at the Schneider Regional Medical Center, where she noticed that many professionals did not have time to fill out lengthy paperwork. Mrs. Baker-James’ business serves healthcare professionals as well as anyone requiring paperwork assistance.

Mrs. Baker-James has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and a Master of Arts in Public Administration from the University of Virgin Islands in St. Thomas.

Besides her lengthy career in healthcare, she has also worked at Virgin Islands Department of Justice for six years. In that capacity, she handled malpractice cases for the government of the Virgin Islands.

“I first got started because I love people. So because loving people is so easy, helping them with their paperwork or any type of complex filings became natural.” 

Here are some of her employees:

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Trisha says “My social ventures for impact are my companies!  I know I can now impact my community in so many more positive ways. We started out believing in the importance of serving people of our communities and grew our business so we had the ability to hire motivated team members, generate positive cash flow, positive impact the environment thru more effective transit and paper file storage solutions while giving back to organizations- thereby making us all part of a more sustainable community.” 

As you can see below, she’s also created a caring and love filled office setting for people who need help with medical paperwork.


Commenting on the value of being part of the GCSEN Meaning Makers who seek to Make Meaning, Make Money and Move the World to a Better Place thru 4P Impact- for People, Profit, Planet and Place, Trisha says, “GCSEN is a wonderful group of people who are full of knowledge and experiences in a broad range of business development. They have helped me with networking and have used their wealth of knowledge to coach me on effective and efficient practical action steps that I can act on in the real world!”

Mike Caslin with Trisha James

Above: GCSEN Founder/President Mike Caslin (sporting a new haircut from Smith Wiltshire) with Founder/President Trisha James
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