GCSEN IRE/EU sponsors Irish Author's Community Food and Culture Event

On April 11, 2022, in our home base of Kingston, New York, the GCSEN IRE/EU program took part in an event designed to spark ideas and conversation about all things Irish: food, language, community, and cultures. 

GCSEN and  Manchàn Magan were brought together through Fulbright Ireland in Dublin, Ireland.
Irish poet, author, baker, and performer Manchàn Magan uses the act of making, baking and sharing bread to allow folks to experientially engage with hundreds of Irish words and phrases, getting a big picture view of the Native and ancestral Irish language and the culture, connection to Nature and unique perspective that is inherent in the Gaelic language. This also builds on GCSEN's founding belief that many students and adults need to learn up to 1,000 concepts, skills, and keywords in order to more efficiently and effectively move their lives and careers to greater levels of impact, meaning and money, to move the world to a better place.

Our founder and CEO, Mike Caslin, also recently began his Fulbright scholarship residency in Ireland, where he planned, with Manchàn, an energetic performer and storyteller, a new stop on his 16-city USA tour. Upon returning to the US, Mike brought together a group of organizations to sponsor an event bringing Manchàn here to Kingston, a city with deep historical ties to Ireland, and conduct the first public fundraiser for GCSEN IRE/EU!