Get to Wow! at UVI Cell

Get to Wow! at UVI Cell

Did you know that GCSEN’s MBA-level accredited book, is now in its 3rd print run,and is available in print and PDF download at and as an ebook via Amazon? Get to Wow! was published for the first time in 2018 and is now an accredited course book for multiple courses. 

Graduate Leadership M.B.A. students at LeMoyne from 2021 had many great things to say:

“When reading …‘Get to Wow’, I learned a lot more about Social Entrepreneurship… The quotes from successful people…made me realize that if opening a business is what I desire, the hardest part may be convincing myself to even try to do so. Many people fail, but those who failed also dared to try by doing so gained experience… The second section of the book, ‘Making Meaning: Inspire Me’, made me ask myself deep questions for the first time and look into the answers and opportunities that came out of them. For example, the Hedgehog self-ranking chart made me realize the true talents I have and how I can use them to support others… [Another section] made me focus on the 4P’s that were being discussed; People, Profit, Planet, Place. The 4P’s and their order stood out to me because they are all extremely important on what needs to be accomplished for a successful business (in today’s world)…The illustrations throughout this section of the book made me realize how well my life is compared to how it might have been. This was extremely helpful to me to to understand that a Social Venture could help benefit the most amount of people in a community… Creating a business for the 4P’s -People, Profit, Planet and Place- for a cause- rather than solely creating a product or service solely for profit really allows you to give back to the community.” – N.W.

zoom screenshot with mba class
Above: LeMoyne MBA students in class

"The resources and connections throughout the book are helpful in finding ways that you can realign your thinking, understand how to focus on your problem, and hopefully lead towards your solution. Although I have never thought about being an entrepreneur, this book has opened my mindset to the possibility. Regardless, this book carries important lessons that can be used for anyone in the workplace, entrepreneur or not. Having focus on your passion and understanding your why will not only lead to your success but will impact your overall happiness.- – M.H.

“I have been really looking deep within myself while reading this book. I have discovered that yes I love helping people and I am able to do this in my current profession but I want more… This book has helped me believe that I can revolutionize the mental health system and the supports that are put in place for poor areas. I want to be that change… This course and book are a great resource for me. I am forever grateful for the experience and taking this course and the connections it has given me for my future.”– J.R

zoom screenshot with mba class
Above: Prof. Caslin with LeMoyne MBA students in class

Now, Get to Wow! is being used in the Virgin Islands in the Social Entrepreneurship Fundamentals 102 class at UVI Cell. Copies of the book were presented as gifts to the students when GCSEN’s Mike Caslin and Tony DiMarco last visited. We hope that the students there find it as helpful as the students at LeMoyne did.

Professor Shawn Smith with student Ramone Reed

Above: Professor Shawn Smith with student Ramone Reed
Mike Caslin, Rasheed Morton, and Shawn Smith in an office with certificate
Above: Professors Mike Caslin and Shawn Smith flank graduate Rasheed Morton in the Virgin Islands

The Get to Wow! Book includes access to a free mini-course! You can purchase your own copy  here.

Mike Caslin, Suzanne Darrow-Magras
Above: Mike with UVI-CELL Director Dr. Suzanne Darrow-Magras and graduate

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