GCSEN’s TV show films in Poughkeepsie!

GCSEN’s TV show films in Poughkeepsie!

Mike and Tony had the pleasure of meeting Charlie Webb, an Army veteran from Detroit who now makes his home, and lots of delicious food, in Poughkeepsie, New York, right here in GCSEN’s home base of the Hudson Valley. 

neon sign on H&P hudson & packard pizza

Above: Hudson & Packard, Poughkeepsie
Charlie Webb with pizza
Above: Charlie Webb with a pie fresh out of the oven
interior of Hudson & Packard pizzeria with film crew and men talking
Above: Mike Caslin with Charlie Webb and the TV crew

Charlie embodies the GCSEN spirit of inspiration, grit and determination. Traveling the world with the Army, he constantly sought the kind of pizza he grew up eating but was frequently disappointed. When his service ended, the veteran pivoted to food full-time, enrolling at The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park. In just a few years he had started Hudson & Packard. Now, this popular Poughkeepsie restaurant has earned the title of one of the best pizzerias in the world for the second year in a row. They finished third in the pan division at the 39th annual International Pizza Expo & Conference in Las Vegas in late March 2023.

diners and film crew at H&P
Above: Shooting in action while some lucky guests enjoy pizza from H&P

pan pizzas in a restaurant kitchen

Above: Charlie looking over pizza production in the H&P kitchen

In this episode of Veteran's Playbook, Mike Caslin learns about Charlie’s service, his entrepreneurial journey, and what makes a good Detroit-style pizza. Charlie was also able to sit down with his professor from the Culinary Institute, to discuss food, life, and community.

film crew and commercial kitchen with two chefs seated and talking
Above: Charlie revisits his journey through culinary school

diners toasting with pizza

Above: Mike Caslin with some happy diners. Cheers!
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