GCSEN’s Newest Venture: A TV show!

GCSEN’s Newest Venture: A TV show!

We’re delighted to announce one of GCSEN’s most exciting new projects, our newest collaboration with our friend Len Green - author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist- based on his book The Entrepreneur’s Playbook. 

Announcing a new television series: Veteran's Playbook! The show will feature Executive Producer and Host Mike Caslin, Professor Tony DiMarco, and Professor Len Green, CPA, helping Veteran Entrepreneurs who are pursuing 4P Social Ventures! Keep an eye out for the teaser  for our first episode, highlighting the story of “Iron” Mike Steadman, author and founder of Ironman Boxing in Newark, New Jersey. https://tep-tv.com/

Above: Len Green during filming with Iron Mike Steadman
Below: Sports Memorabilia in Len Green’s Office

sports memorabilia display

Below: Iron Mike with Len in his office

Mike Steadman and Len Green on camera

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