GCSEN Held Its First “MVP Demo Day”!

GCSEN Held Its First “MVP Demo Day”!

Kingston, NY - On July 14, 2021, The GCSEN Foundation held its first-ever Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Demo Day where program graduates, alumni, and GCSEN consultants had the opportunity to present their business ideas and do a demonstration of their products and services.
During the GCSEN MVP Demo day, the primary benefit was a real-world experience for peer-to-peer market feedback with practice in pitching, showing, telling, and selling. This was also an opportunity to create the gift of new friendships, business support, customer connections, real-world advice and next level input in a highly supportive environment. This keeps with the requests of GCSEN Students and alumni when they say, “Inspire me! Teach me! Support me!” 

Each presenter first had 10 minutes for a traditional angels pitch deck format overview, followed by a 3-minute group Q&A session and then an active 25 minutes demonstration of their MVP offer. Each presenter created a “Lesson Plan” for their MVP including a practical demo where they had: an audience participate in a “do now” activity to experience the MVP service and/or product. At the end of their demonstration, the audience of GCSEN Faculty, Students, Interns and Alumni,  Fellow Business Coaches, Mentors and VIP Observers provided constructive feedback. Finally, each presenter received up to (3) GCSEN Club THEOS alumni business contacts to help each other succeed!

MVP Demo Day Presenters:

Winslow Robinson - “Achilles Heal”, W ‘20- Suicide Prevention program using modern therapy, drama and theatre techniques

Ervin Williams - “Psi7 ”, W‘24– Engaging Board community games based on fostering greater understanding of historical events and cultures across the world 

Ariel Ferreira - “South Coast Building Initiative”, W ‘24  A(B) Corporation dedicated to providing marginalized groups with construction industry carpentry skills 

Shanai Williams - “Be Heard”, W ‘23 - An education organization dedicated to giving a voice to children through afterschool programs and meals

Flor Najera - “Najera Studios” - Marketing and Public Relations Services, Marist MA ‘21, SUNY New Paltz BA ‘19

Heather Rotman - “Kindness Collective”, – W ‘17, An kindness promotion and anti-bullying middle school education program

Zara Salmon - “CRAVE Infused”, W’18 – Homemade and plant-based skin care products and body buttercreams

Kyle McNicoll - “Puppy Love Breeders”,W’16, Golden Lab breeding And Adoption Dog Center


David Cagan - “Common Sense Consulting –Business”, Cornell ‘83,  Performance skills through mindfulness techniques

Farough Saw- St. Peter’s University Guarani Business School, ‘21, “Agro-Forward”- a micro-farm and local economy initiative for North Africa

Guest Presenters:

Amy Wu, an Award-winning journalist, Director of the documentary film From Farms to Incubators, and Communications Director for the Hudson Valley’s Novo Foundation 

Farm Hub– Chris Hewitt - “Hudson Valley CurrentLocal Currency, Tilda’s Kitchen-Farm to Community Cafe and The Livelihood Magazine”, GCSEN ‘15

GCSEN developed this new program offering asthea next step for its Club THEOS Alumni Community "to go to market,", especially for graduates of our national pilot college campus program partner Wheaton College (MA) - Social Entrepreneur Launch Program.  Building on the momentum gained from GCSEN’s 4P SE Social Venture BootCamp for Wheaton students, this MVP Day builds on the impact of GCSEN’s programs and support services thru the Wheaton Social Entrepreneurship Launch Program for the Spring Semester, and the student's Social Venture Statement of Intent Capstone.

Our goal is to accelerate more GCSEN 4P Social Ventures into the market and begin the positive cycle of value creation, cash flow, and voluntary exchange while getting practical customer feedback. 

The design intent is to be supportive in a practical, practitioner-focused, affordable and actionable way to help our GCSEN program graduates "Get to WOW!" with their GCSEN 4P Social Ventures for the benefit of People, Profit, Planet, and Place.

For more information on GCSEN go to www.GCSEN.com

Press Contact- Mike Caslin, GCSEN Founder/CEO, Mike@gcsen.com, cell- 001-212-444-2071 or GCSEN Media Relations Coordinator Junior Consultant Flor Najera, flor@gcsen.com

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