GCSEN CARIBE completes its first class!

GCSEN CARIBE completes its first class!

(University of the Virgin Islands (HBCU) St. Croix/ St. Thomas Campuses)

Last year, GCSEN launched a ground-breaking new program for residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands: GCSEN CARIBE. Adult learners from UVI CELL (University of the Virgin Islands Center for Excellence in Leadership and Learning) were able to virtually attend our class, SE101: Social Entrepreneurship Fundamentals. Beginning in August 2022, 16 students, 11 from UVI CELL, and 5 who are incarcerated, soon to be paroled, at USVI Bureau of Corrections, John A. Bell Correctional Facility, attended monthly accredited MBA-level classes with Professors Mike Caslin, Shawn Smith, and Tony Di Marco.

The class used GCSEN’s online learning courses combined with monthly group coaching and in-person 1:1 coaching. At graduation, each student was presented with GCSEN’s Get to Wow! Book. This guides students further through the basics of developing a 4P Social Venture that benefits People, Planet, Profit, and Place. Many of the learners in the class are already entrepreneurs, some having started more than 3 businesses so far in their lives! Look to this blog for upcoming stories of these inspiring GCSEN CARIBE graduates.

On February 7th, 2023, GCSEN’s Professor Cas was in attendance at the graduation ceremony to honor the students who completed the first class. We are so proud of these students for doing the hard work and showing up and fitting life-changing learning into their busy lives!

Also in attendance was Professor Shawn Smith, co-founder of the GCSEN Caribbe Advisory Board, Dr. Suzanne Darrow-Magras, and Liza Margolis, UVI’s Senior Coordinator of Donor Relations and Special Events.The following students received Certificates of Completion for the class, which bestow career resume rights of use, privileges of GCSEN’s professional reference, Letters of Recommendation, and lifetime career and social venture coaching and year-round program support including Investor Swarm, Mentor Swarm, and MVP Demo Day!

Monifa Potter

Ramone Reid

Shamara Garnett

Ruben George

Trisha James

Jelani Hall

Lisa M. Donovan

Rasheed Morton

Constancia Ebanks-Hodge

Smith Wiltshire

Michelle Joshua

Congratulations to our first class of UVI students! We know the future is brighter because of you!

Liza, Suzanne, Mike with certificate and balloons


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