GCSEN and EDA Empower Veterans in the U.S. Virgin Islands

GCSEN and EDA Empower Veterans in the U.S. Virgin Islands

GCSEN and EDA Empower Veterans in the U.S. Virgin Islands

THOMAS, U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS - GCSEN is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of its Spring Semester at the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI). This program was created to ease Veterans into the world of entrepreneurship, or improve their current business efforts.


A Collaborative Effort

Supported by U. S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration (EDA); UVI; and the U.S. Veterans Affairs Virgin Islands Veterans Center as a new GCSEN partner; GCSEN is thrilled to make possible the dreams of veteran entrepreneurs, and build on its VI Veteran Venture Entrepreneurship Program under its Program Center - National Center for Veteran Ventures (NCVV).

A Growing Movement

A continued focus on US Mainland and UVI and Ireland/Northern Ireland communities through educational programs signals GCSEN as a leader in the social entrepreneurship movement. GCSEN has now started offering more services to veterans, single and working mothers who are seeking generational wealth creation for their families, and parolees, all in keeping with this mission of serving high-potential adult learners.

Building Business Communities in the Caribbean

The GCSEN Caribbe - UVI-CELL course offers:

  • 10 hours of GCSEN’s accredited SE 101- Principles of Social Entrepreneurship online course
  • Group and one-on-one Executive Education level coaching to screen ideas to pursue actionable business opportunities based on each Veteran’s talents, passions, business purpose, and values.
  • Veterans will also have long-term access to GCSEN, US SBA SCORE, and the UVI CELL EDA University Center consultants for additional technical assistance and support.

A Unique Opportunity

Professor Mike Caslin, Founder/President of GCSEN and host of Veteran's Playbook, expressed his enthusiasm for the program: “This Veteran-focused first-of-its kind UVI-CELL program is a great opportunity for Veterans to design their Perfect-Fit Venture, realize their own visions, and begin a new path towards renewed passion and purpose for increased peace and prosperity for themselves, their loved ones and their community.”

“Thank you for working with us through this cohort and for your insight and advice throughout.”– Debbie Isles, CEO, DebbieIsles.com , UVI CELL EDA Program Graduate

Get Involved

Veterans can register for the program or get more information by emailing cell@uvi.edu.

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