Congrats to GCSEN Board Member Jamie Kent- Babson Class of ‘07 and family!

Musician, entrepreneur and Babson student (of Prof. Cas- Mike Caslin at Babson College in 2007) Jamie Kent, of Nashville, TN, is a long-time friend of GCSEN. He has been a GCSEN Program Distinguished Speaker, GCSEN Strategic Advisory Board Member, 4PSE Community & THEOS Alumni Supporter and joined the GCSEN Board of Directors in 2021. He has launched several creative "artrepreneurship" ventures, such as Band Ambassador Media Group. Jamie, a graduate of Babson College, where he was a stellar student for Prof. Mike Caslin, with a degree in Entrepreneurship, outlines some of his ideals on his website.

His latest accomplishment, though, is both smaller and more impressive! A baby boy! Otis Christopher Kent was born 4/19/22 to Jamie and his wife Bonnie. Congratulations Jamie and Bonnie!