Campus Partner Updates

Campus Partner Updates


GCSEN’s newest program is its Veteran- and Military-Family-focused National Center for Veteran Ventures.  An initial pilot office is located in Hudson Valley- near West Point- at the Vet’s One-Stop Center in Pleasant Valley, New York. We’ll also be virtually accessible by Veterans across the USA and its territories. We are excited to be teaming up with Veterans of the Hudson Valley, Adirondacks-Fort Drum and Paul Smith College.  Professor Cas/Mike Caslin and Tony DiMarco, Executive Producer, are currently leading Cohort Learning Classes and providing much needed Veteran Venture Coaching.  Spring Semester 2024 saw a new Cohort of Veteran Learners hosted by GCSEN and the University of the Virgin Islands.  This June, we’ll be exploring an MVP (minimum viable program) for the US Army Fort Drum Transition Office (300 transitions/month) and its top-tier Veteran-Centric Campus Partner - Paul Smith College of the Adirondacks!


GCSEN is grateful for its 5+ year academic campus programs with SUNY New Paltz School of Business-Undergraduate and Graduate MBA Program and LeMoyne College Madden School of Business MBA Program. 

With our academic campus partners, we are reaching (100+) students annually for academic credit and Certification in GCSEN’s Principles of 4P Social Entrepreneurship- where students learn and begin to take action to  Make Meaning. Make Money and and Move the World to A Better Place via People, Profit, Planet and Place!

”This Jesuit Core Values via Social Entrepreneurship Leadership Course has been so powerful.  I wish I had it before my MBA Capstone!” - Kristina Meyer, Francis House Hospice for Senior Care End of Life Care



Another successful Academic Program year has been completed in campus partnership with GCSEN and the University of the Virgin Islands Center for Excellence in Leadership & Learning (UVI-CELL).   

This year, GCSEN with many thanks to UVI-CELL’s visionary and innovative leadership, has launched its first academically recognized program for Veterans through its National Center for Veteran Ventures program.  

This joint program was sponsored by the U.S. Department of Commerce- U.S. Economic Development Administration EDA Campus Program.   

Adult Learner Social Entrepreneurs- Eight Veterans and 20 local small business owners participated in our GCSEN 4P SE Certification Course.  Students completed the GCSEN Principles of Social Entrepreneurship SE101 Course (developed with the visionary philanthropic support of the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation). In addition, there were intensive group and Social Venture founder sunrise and sunset CEO coaching sessions.

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs joined with EDA through the US Virgin Islands Veterans Affairs program to sponsored GCSEN’s work with eight Veteran Entrepreneurs from the US Navy, US Navy Marines, US Army and Virgin Islands National Guard. 

“We would not be where we are today without GCSEN. And this is just the beginning!” Dr. Suzanne Magras, Director, University of the Virgin Islands, Center for Excellence in Leadership and Learning (UVI-CELL)

Adult learners say “I’m really enjoying the course….” “This has been really helpful- especially the coaching session feedback.” 

“I’m just finishing my Veteran Yoga Project Certification and I’m now launching my company, 'Scars Heal with Yoga'. I am excited about this new year as a Social Entrepreneur. Gaining this new knowledge and understanding has given me the confidence to stand in my given space as 'Pheknyx (pronounced Phoenix) The Agni Yogi!'. 

The first 3 modules, alone, of GCSEN’s SE 101 transformed me! 

And now I’ve realized that I’m not just an entrepreneur, I’m a 4P Social Entrepreneur committed to impact in people’s lives.  I will do this by helping them heal thru Yoga and grow into their authentic self- with no shame, blame or doubt.  I’m really into doing my homework for my business- you have turned me into a agni (fire) yogi!” – Rochelle “Phekynix” Johnson, US ARMY Veteran, Military Trauma & Domestic Violence Survivor

Read the press release about this program here. 


“This is amazing (GCSEN Ireland with MRLAES for Social Enterprise Accelerator Master Class) - such high calibre and connected professionals - real endorsement for the work you are doing.  Well done also on the deserved recognition as well from Pace University Lubin School of Business Dean Lawrence Singleton!”- Professor Laura McCauley BSc, PhD (Ulster), PGChep, SFHEA, FCIM, CMBE

GCSEN programs commenced in May, 2024 with a multi-agency strategic planning and executive education program with a Master Class on Sustainable Ventures for Sustianable Communities.  Plans are being formulated for a programme to be made available for Adult Learners of high potential from communities of need across County Mayo/Roscommon including: Long Term Unemployed Adults, Early School Leavers, Single Working Mothers, Members of the Traveler Community, PeaceKeepers and First Responders, Parollees and Asylum Seekers. Undergraduate and Gradate students at ATU/ULSTER U will participate as well. 

Read the press release about this event here.

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