Amy Wu, Storyteller and Award-Winning Journalist, Shared her Entrepreneurial Journey with the GCSEN Alumni and Staff!

Amy Wu, Storyteller and Award-Winning Journalist, Shared her Entrepreneurial Journey with the GCSEN Alumni and Staff!

Kingston, NY - July 14, 2021, Amy Wu is an award-winning journalist and director of the documentary film “From Farms to Incubators'' based on her book, by the same title. Wu is a storyteller, community builder, agripreneur, and author of From Farms To Incubators. Amy Wu serves as the Communications Manager for the Hudson Valley Farm Hub, which is funded by the NoVo Foundation.

During the inaugural GCSEN Wheaton Class ‘16-’21 Social Entrepreneurs Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Demo Day, Amy Wu shared her own journey to spotlight women in Agriculture (Agtech) throughout the United States along with some of the challenges she faced while highlighting their entrepreneurial stories. Wu was granted the opportunity to write a book telling the stories of minority women entrepreneurs in Agtech in Salinas Valley, California, and other regions of the country. Her book, From Farms To Incubators, is a combination of storytelling and advocacy. 

In From Farms To Incubators, Wu tells the stories of an innovative and hard-working group of women in the Agtech world. The new generation of startups in Agriculture is led by women who are seeking solutions to lasting problems in Agriculture. Wu was first believed to be looking for a “Unicorn” when searching for these women in the Agricultural industry since the United State’s agricultural majority population is men. Wu believes that her journey has taught her that there is power in telling people’s stories. 

As a fellow Social Entrepreneur, Amy Wu was one of the guest speakers at GCSEN’s MVP Demo Day, where GCSEN alumni and staff presented their social ventures with practical demonstrations of their products, services, and theories to a group of customers. 

Wu shared her journey and research with the presenters. She expressed how rewarding it was to see many young entrepreneurs looking to make a difference in the world!

“I am inspired by the good work GCSEN and its team members do…. It was an honor to speak at MVP Demo Day and meet so many young entrepreneurs who are passionate about Social Entrepreneurship. As a storyteller and entrepreneur myself, it was inspiring to connect with the next generation of innovators and thought leaders who will make a positive difference in the community with their creativity and vision. I can't wait to tell their stories and share their stories,” said Amy Wu. 

Photo courtesy of Flor Najera

Since 2015, GCSEN has certified over 630 Social Entrepreneurs via its college partners Wheaton College (MA), SUNY New Paltz School of Business, Vassar College (NY), and Saint Peter’s University Business School (NJ), and at LeMoyne College Madden School of Business, NY.

GCSEN Founder & President Mike Caslin is a Fulbright Scholar in Social Entrepreneurship, internationally recognized as a thought leader in Social Entrepreneurship. Professor Caslin has lectured at Babson College, Stanford, Harvard, Columbia Universities, Prague, Bangkok, Hong Kong Universities, SUNY New Paltz School of Business (NY), Saint Peter’s University Business School (NJ), SCUNY-Baruch College Zicklin School of Business, Marist College School of Business, and Manhattanville College. He has spent four decades studying, lecturing, and facilitating efforts to promote Social Entrepreneurship on a global scale. 

GCSEN has been recognized as an “on-trendpreneur” by Trends Research Institute Journal and as a pioneer in Social Entrepreneurship education by the New England Journal of Higher Education which stated, “GSCEN’s research has conclusively shown that Social Entrepreneurship education results in significant content knowledge gains retained by students, shows significant gains in self-confidence, is ranked highly as a life-changing learning experience by students and is highly recommended by students to their peers.” GCSEN’s leadership and influence in the field of Social Entrepreneurship in academia continue to build, as seen in its critical support of Wheaton College’s successful effort to create enhanced Social Entrepreneur programming as facilitated by grants of over $30M from the visionary Diana Davis Spencer Foundation (Bethesda MD).

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