Mission Accomplished: The Prof. Cas Challenge has been made!

Mission Accomplished: The Prof. Cas Challenge has been made!

In December '22, we announced GCSEN Foundation's $50,000 Win the Future Challenge Match, AKA the "Professor Cas" Challenge, where Professor Mike Caslin and his Family philanthropy pledged to personally match $1 for $1, up to $50,000 in donations!

Thanks to the generous support of so many of you, we made it! We now have the capital investment GCSEN needs to move forward with our programming innovations for: Undergraduate and Graduate Students, Executive Education and Adult Learners and  this support enables us to expand services to Veterans and their families, Bureau of Correction Parolees and Adult Micro-Enterprises. There are so many exciting things on our horizon for GCSEN USA, GCSEN CARIBBE and GCSEN Ireland/EU that we will be sharing in the coming months!

We want to extend a huge banner of “THANK YOU!” to our most generous Win the Future Challenge Match supporters: The Anne Whitehead Trust, The Leonard C. and Lois S.  Green Charitable Foundation, and Frank and Roberta Falatyn. These visionary philanthropists of GCSEN joined us as creative, bold and brave allies and they went above and beyond to help us and we could not be more grateful. 

Their donations are sponsoring social entrepreneurship to move the world to a better place. With 1,200 Certified 4P Social Entrepreneurs from 14 countries and 12 US States, we are nurturing a new herd of heroes of our economy! Our goal continues to be to inspire, teach and support GCSEN’s 4P Social Entrepreneurs learn practical business skills that will improve their chances of landing a job and/or starting their own 4P Social Enterprise with the support of experienced coaches and mentors and together we are doing just that!


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