Carolyn Bechtel

Introducing Veteran's Playbook Executive Producer Carolyn Bechtel

GCSEN Foundation and Veteran's Playbook are pleased to introduce our newest Executive Producer, Carolyn Bechtel! 

Born in Palo Alto, California and growing up in the inspiring environment of Stanford University and Silicon Valley, Carolyn always admired entrepreneurs. The oldest of nine children, she learned how to be continually creative financially and to manage chaos—both qualities which come into play in the world of TV/film production and executive producing.

Her early career mentors and heroes, Dave Packard and Bill Hewlett, lived and lead the 4P’s--always putting people first.  They were inspirations from the beginning as Carolyn's mother started her career on the HP assembly line—eventually working her way up to the position of Computer Operator, responsible for a large computer room at the HP HQ! Meanwhile, Carolyn worked in Human Resources at the HQ prior to her one year position at Hewlett Packard in Lyon, France.

Eco-systems really matter- networks, community and relations of Palo Alto enabled her to then have the unique experience of working as Executive Assistant for Apollo 14 Astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, at his Institute for Noetic Sciences, prior to being recruited by Bechtel Corporation to work in Labor Relations. She could not have foreseen that in a few short years she would become part of the Bechtel family by marriage and have the rare opportunities to witness world-class Civil Engineering projects around the world, and was inspired by every one of them. 

More recent forays into the world of entrepreneurship have included being involved with startup businesses ranging from chocolate cacao nibs to umbilical cord blood stem cell banking!

Now she finds herself in the perfect role as Executive Producer on Veteran’s Playbook TV Series and says, “I am so inspired by military veterans’ entrepreneurship stories and very excited we will be sharing them with thousands of active and transitioning military personnel everywhere."Her goal is to find Veteran Venture Candidate Stories and expand our Veteran and Military Family Support Partners.

Carolyn currently serves on the National Cabinet of the Elizabeth Dole Foundation/Hidden Heroes program, and has been actively involved as a volunteer and board member of the SeriousFun Children’s Network and its camps worldwide, founded by Paul Newman (for children living with chronic and life-threatening illnesses).

She will match up the right foundation and corporate sponsors and advertisers who align with the our show with a purpose-- and who appreciate the value of bringing these amazing stories to life on TV.  With our new partners at Paramount/CBS 2, we know we can build our Veteran’s Playbook show for many seasons.  By doing so, we will be inspiring, teaching and supporting more and more veterans to start their own businesses!

Carolyn’s three grown children have been involved in their own ways in supporting important causes, many related to foundations for veterans (including Navy SEALS) and to have their mother and family included in this important mission. 

Carolyn hopes to be setting good examples for her five grandchildren (7 years and under) so they will always appreciate all that our American freedom means, and how we got here!

Welcome and thanks for being a part of Veteran's Playbook, Carolyn!

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